Realium is a proof of concept to determine the feasibility to purchase and sell tokenized real estate assets in a legally compliant way.


Catersuite is a catering management software designed to simplify the catering process for both consumers and catering providers. Instead of juggling multiple softwares for scheduling, inventory management, and booking, everything happens on the same application. This is an intern project currently in beta.


Metcon is a leading tenant improvement contractor in the bay area. They focus on building repositions and corporate interiors. We went with a theme that had full-width photos to highlight their work. As new projects are added, the website updates automatically to organize photos and project descriptions, helping Metcon focus on what they do best.

Synthesize Solutions

Synthesize Solutions works in the data consulting industry. We wanted to create a professional website that could capture their expertise and also be able to demonstrate their vast use cases. Synthesize Solutions focuses on process, technology, and data platforms to help organizations accelerate growth.

Backyard Estates

With a successful first year, we redesigned and rebranded Backyard Estates for 2021. This new design features a fully custom form and draws the user to sign up for webinars to learn more about the service. Backyard Estates provides an all inclusive solution that maximizes your backyard while giving you the best bang for your buck through additional dwelling units (ADUs).

Nature’s Fusions

We built a custom e-commerce website powered on WordPress’ WooCommerce. The new site has full wholesale account integration and is running off AWS Lightsail’s scalable platform, saving Nature’s Fusions over $6k a month in hosting costs.


Savology is a financial planning platform helping households across the United States improve their financial well-being and reach financial security by providing access to free financial planning. We’ve assisted by creating and integrating an entire design system throughout the entire platform.

Summit Leadership Group

We designed a professional and timeless website to help promote the leadership engagements of Summit Leadership Group. With Fortune 500 consulting, we wanted to make sure our website matched the same level of talent that was being delivered.

Penguin Brothers

We designed a modern catering application that would solve the pain points of trying to book catering over the phone. Our visual approach and modern app feel allows for customers to easily select their options in just a simple click.

Bristlecone Fireside

Bristlecone Fireside

This modern website was built to match the newly rebranded subdivision of the Southern Utah Wilderness Association. The blog actively publishes articles related to nature conservation and serves as a faith outreach program.